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Shelves, Shelf Brackets

Welcome to the product range of our e-store “Shelves, Shelf Brackets”, where you can find a wide range of products for every need for shelf installation. Our product range includes both simple and more complex shelf carriers and sets that include both carriers and wooden shelves. Our shelves are designed to be not only functional but also stylish to complement the design of any room.
Shelf carriers
We offer a wide range of shelf carriers to suit every style and need. Our carriers are made of high quality materials and are available in both minimalistic and more sophisticated designs. They are easy to install and ensure your shelves stay securely in place while providing visual enjoyment.
Shelves with Carriers
There are also sets that include both shelf carriers and corresponding wooden shelves. Our wooden shelves are made of high-quality wood, ensuring both durability and a stylish appearance. These shelves are ideal for storing books, decorations and other items, adding warmth and a homely feel to your space.
How to Choose the Right Shelf Carriers?
Measure your space – Before choosing shelf brackets, carefully measure your wall to know what dimensions will fit your space.
Consider the purpose of the shelf – Think about what you want to keep on the shelf. Heavier items like books require stronger carriers.
Choose a style – Choose carriers that match the decor of the rest of the room, be it modern or traditional.