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About us

”EtnoArt Handicraft Shop” is an environment where a number of artists and artisans sell their wares.
You can find a wide variety of interesting home furnishings. These products also make good presents for family or colleagues.

If necessary, various gift sets can be put together from different artisans’ catalogues.
If any of the artists‘ or artisans’ styles displayed here is to your liking and you want to order something not shown here, don’t hesitate to contact us. If the deadline and price work for you, we’ll get things rolling.

The selection of merchandise in stock can change from day to day as the sellers can put their latest ideas up immediately.

EtnoArt OÜ is responsible for managing the process and making sure that multiple orders are shipped in the most efficient manner possible.

EtnoArt OÜ will also resolve any questions or other matters as they arise.

Our location



OÜ EtnoArt
Reiu küla
Häädemeeste vald
86508 Pärnumaa

Phone: (+372) 517 7789

Bank information

LHV Pank
IBAN EE877700771003634061