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Fireplace Accessories. The fireplace set next to the fireplace is not only a necessary tool set, but also a nice accessory and complement to your interior. We make handmade fireplace sets from wrought iron. In addition, we use wood as well as rocks and leather in our design. You can order reeds and shovels individually. Can be ordered as a kit with holder. Brackets for fireplace tools are available both on the wall and on the floor. We also offer wooden baskets as a set with fireplace tools. You can also order wooden baskets separately. We make them in different sizes. In addition, we offer “ Fire Dogs“ for your fireplace. All our products are pure crafts. We also make many saunas. For example, a forged sauna pole is a very good gift as a gift. Sauna and fireplace accessories still from Thorman’s smithy.

Fireplace Tools,Fireplace Accessories.

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